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IN SEARCH ENGINES an architecture optimized for effective natural positioning

SEO Engine Optimization in Melbourne Sydney Australia

The optimization of the referencing (SEO) of a site comprises different sectors of intervention, which can involve teams with various specialties.

For my part, I work on the SEO optimization in the site , that is to say that which is carried out upstream, during the design and / or redesign, and which takes into account the SEO objectives to design a site architecture, page architecture, and the use of all techniques (code, smart urls, microdata markup, internal link linking, editorial advice, etc.) that will optimize the positioning of your site in search engines.

I will also be able to accompany you on other topics related to SEO, or advise you in the choice of a specialist service provider: acquisition of external links, sponsored links (Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing, etc.) or retargeting campaigns.

We are listening to you. By email or phone let’s discuss your project! Tailor-made solutions will be offered to you in order to manage the natural referencing of your website .


 SEO challenges

The SEO improves:

  • to increase traffic on a website
  • to bring visibility
  • increase the notoriety of a brand or a company
  • to increase the turnover of a company at the lowest cost 


  • audit of your site
  • audit of your market
  • audit of your competitors
  • technical optimization of your server
  • technical optimization of your website
  • Semantic optimization of the site
  • Optimization of your content
  • recommendation to develop your offline digital strategy

We propose :

  1. the local SEO 
  2. the National SEO (
  3. the international SEO 

Our expertise: Natural referencing

It is important to understand that natural referencing which is neither more nor less than the backbone of a website.

If this is poorly thought out, your site will be wobbly throughout its life. Our job is to support you throughout this process in order to give your website the best SEO techniques for the future.

Our know-how in natural referencing is based on the technique, experience and positioning of websites on Google. Our methodology is the result of a long process of testing, analysis and concrete feedback.



The mission of the OZ CLICK is to position the advertiser’s website vis-à-vis the searches of the target audience on Google. The approach involves an analysis of customer referencing issues, an understanding of the most used requests and keywords, a study of the competitive environment as well as the positioning and specificities of the services or products offered by the customer.

These reflections lead to actions with lasting results:

  • Improved traffic quality
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Increase in market share
  • Increased ROI
  • Increase in profitability
  • Increase in turnover.